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Cool Open A Website images

By admin | December 7, 2012

A few nice open a website images I found:

Open Access Week – Website Closed
open a website

Image by JenWaller
Semi transparent pop-up window over our homepage for OA Week 2011.

Visitors to the Libraries’ web site during OA week were “greeted” with a closed, red lock (similar to the open SPARC lock) superimposed over the homepage content along with the verbiage “What if you had no access?” This graphically arresting image was gone as soon as website users selected the “x” or ESC, and the image only occurred once per session

Open-course/Open-source : “Un regrad moderne” website by Lionel Maes
open a website

Image by Marc Wathieu
Open-course/Open-source is a free software one-day event which took place on the eleventh of April 2008 at Erg (Ecole de Recherche Graphique) in Brussels.

Invited artists and lecturers were Simon Geilfus, Nicolas Malevé, Lionel Maes, Olivier Meunier, Michel Cleempoel, OS Publishing (Femke Snelting, Harrisson & Pierre Huyghebaert), Michel Cleempoel, and Erg teachers Stéphane Noël and Marc Wathieu.

Infos (fr) :

Website 2.0
open a website

Image by herzogbr
Jessamyn West opens up the CMS Day workshop with an overview of using CMS to manage a website. read more on my website

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